Tame your computer – lose the lines from links

17 Jul

A hyperlink is text or a graphic that points to another item — for example, a file on your hard disk or a Web page on either the World Wide Web or your organisation’s intranet.  Clicking on a hyperlink allows you to “jump” to the associated item.

The text hyperlink is typically underlined, but during a recent training session I was asked how to remove the underline in PowerPoint. The short answer is “you cannot”, but there is a workaround.

Here’s how:

  1. Drag and draw a shape where you want the hyperlink to appear on your slide.
  2. Right-click the shape, click Edit Text, and then type the text that you want to use for the hyperlink.
  3. Right-click the shape (but not the text inside of the shape) and select Hyperlink.
  4. In the Address box, type, say, the Web address, and then click OK.
  5. Right-click the shape and click Format Shape. In the Format Shape dialogue box, do the following:
  • Click Fill in the left pane, click Color in the right pane, and then click the color that matches the background of your presentation.
  • Click Line Color in the left pane, click No line in the right pane, and then click Close.
  • If necessary, right-click the shape and select a different Font Color in the mini toolbar above the list of menu options.

To test the hyperlink, in Slide Show view (F5 or SHIFT+F5 anyone?), click the hyperlink text (i.e. the “invisible” shape, containing the text).

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