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Tame your computer – add an edit

23 Mar

The other day I was writing course material, using Word 2010, and the fact that I can no longer edit from the preview mode is doing my head in. Every time I spot a mistake, I have to press Esc to close the Print Preview and Print page, remember on which page I spotted the error, make my required changes, press CTRL+P to go back to print preview, only to spot something else I want to change a few pages down the line. Aaaaahhh!  Well, I’m happy to say I found out you can add a Print Preview Edit Mode button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the arrow on the right side of the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Click on More Commands.
  3. In the Choose commands from drop-down list, select All Commands.
  4. Scroll down and double-click on Print Preview Edit Mode.
  5. Click OK.

Next time you think you might want to make changes to your document while previewing it, click the Print Preview Edit Mode button on your Quick Access Toolbar and you get the print preview screen like it was in version 2007. Simply uncheck the Magnifier tick box on the Print Preview ribbon and hey presto. (See Tip 273 for further details.)

By the way, the new button will be added at the far end of the toolbar, which might not be the spot where you want it, so if you want you can move it to your desired location on the Quick Access Toolbar; see Tip 227 if you need a hand.

Tame your computer – undo it!

8 Mar

The Microsoft Office go-back-to-where-I-was-happy button (aka Undo) seems to be well-known among most of my course participants. The Undo functionality allows you to reverse one or more operations and restore a document or an e-mail message to its previous state.  It is useful when you find that you have accidentally deleted the wrong text or have performed some other operation that has erroneously modified your document.

But even though the Undo button seems to be the first tool anybody remembers, a lot of people seem unaware you can simultaneously undo or redo a series of edit operations in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. (Why on earth not in Outlook beats me!)

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the down arrow at the right side of the Undo button. (By default the button is located on the Quick Access Toolbar).
  2. Select the desired actions from the list that you want to reverse.

You can also redo actions that have been undone. “Redo” is also great for repeating an action. By the way, only in Excel, you can redo several undone actions at a time, similar to the undoing action described in this tip.

Oh, and for the keyboard shortcut lovers among us:
Press and hold the CTRL key and then press the Z key to undo an action.
Press and hold the CTRL key and then press the Y key to redo an action.

Finally, some useless trivia… You can undo up to 100 actions in Word, Excel and Outlook. By default, you can “only” undo up to 20 actions in Access and PowerPoint. In PowerPoint you can increase that by following the steps as described in Tip #267.

Tame your computer – make an attachment

1 Mar

This week’s tip comes from Keith Balmer (thanks, Keith!) who shared a quick way to copy an attachment from one email and send that same attachment in a new, outgoing mail message.

You can obviously first save the attachment to, say, your desktop and then attach it to the new email. You can also forward the email (CTRL+F, anyone?) and delete all the text (click anywhere in the message area, press CTRL+A and delete, as normal). But why not save yourself some clicks?

Here’s how:

  1. Right-click the attachment and select Copy. (You can do this in the Reading Pane or while ‘properly’ reading the message.) If there are multiple attachments and you want to copy all of them, use the Select All option and press CTRL+C.
  2. Open a new email message. (Save yourself some clicks and press CTRL+N.)
  3. Click anywhere in the message area (not the top area) and paste as normal. (That’s CTRL+V for me.)

Alternatively, you can simply drag the attachments from one email to the other. Just remember, there are many ways to skin a cat… find what works for you!.