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Tame your computer – hyperlink hiatus

27 Jun

When you type a web address or an email address, MS Office automatically links the text to the associated web page or email address. At times you don’t want this to happen, so you can right-click the hyperlink and select Remove Hyperlink from the drop-down list.

But did you know you can simply click on the Undo button or press the backspace key on your keyboard if the AutoFormat was the last thing that occurred? But there is more…

Word and Outlook have an even nicer trick up their sleeve. You can remove all hyperlinks from your document or email message, so you can simply ignore the hyperlinks as you type and remove them once you’re finished.

Here’s how:

1.       Press CTRL+A to select the entire document or email message.

2.       Press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.

By the way, this trick does not work in Excel or PowerPoint, but could make a brilliant time-saver in Word or Outlook.

Oh, and if you really cannot stand the automatic formatting of hyperlinks, go to the File tab, select Options, select the Proofing category and click on the AutoCorrect Options button. On the AutoFormat As You Type tab untick the Internet and network path with hyperlinks check box.

Tame your computer – review discreetly

20 Jun

Do you use tracked changes in Word? Or perhaps you work with documents containing comments, a suggested change, or a question to the project leader or to another reviewer? If so, you might want to make the names of all reviewers anonymous, so that you can save it or send it out one final time for review, without finger pointing.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the document containing the comments and tracked changes that you want to anonymise.
  2. On the File tab, in the Info category, click Check for Issues.
  3. Click Inspect Document. (In Word 2007 Inspect Document can be accessed from the Microsoft Office Button, under Prepare.)
  4. Click Inspect.
  5. Click Remove All next to Document Properties and Personal Information. Make sure you do not click on Remove All next to Comments, Revisions, Versions, and Annotations, as you will lose the comments and tracked changes made in the document.
  6. Click Reinspect, followed by Close.
  7. Save the document as normal. (As you’re still in the “Backstage view” you might as well click on its Save button.)

As soon as you’ve saved the document, all comments and tracked changes will appear without names or initials of the reviewers.

Tame your computer – format on the fly

10 Jun

In Excel, there are various ways to insert rows or columns. Whatever method you choose, by default the inserted row or column will be formatted in the same way as the row above or the column to the left. So what if you don’t want to stick to that formatting? Simple! Do not ignore the Insert Options button.

Here’s how:

  1. Insert your row(s) or column(s), as normal. (CTRL + SHIFT + plus sign, anyone?)
  2. Click on the paint brush (the Insert Options button).
  3. Select Format Same As Below for a row or Format Same as Right for a column. Or why not click on Clear Formatting to apply the default formatting?

By the way, the Insert Options button does not appear when you insert copied cells.