Tame your computer – jump to it!

23 Nov

Back in February last year I told you how to move or copy chunks of your document without using Cut and Paste or Copy and Paste. Recently, I was doing some one-to-one training and the person was planning to print a whole document, whereas she really only wanted to have part of it on paper.  As the document was formatted using Word’s built-in heading styles, she could easily jump to the specific sections using Word’s navigation pane and print only those bits she needed.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the View tab and tick the Navigation Pane check box in the Show group or simply press CTRL + F to display the Navigation Pane.
  2.  In the first tab of the Navigation Pane right-click the relevant heading or sub-heading and select Print Heading and Content.

If you don’t know how to apply styles, have a look at tip 423 or try out the following shortcuts:

Apply Heading 1 style: ALT + CTRL + 1

Apply Heading 2 style: ALT + CTRL + 2

Apply Heading 3 style: ALT + CTRL + 3

Apply Normal style: CTRL + SHIFT + N

For more shortcuts, have a look at the shortcut archive. Or visit our home page every week if you prefer to be drip-fed.

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