Tame your computer – the top 10 tips of 2016

19 Dec

This will be the last tip of the year as I’m pretty sure that you’re all ready to tuck into mince pies and mulled wine.

So here are your favourite, most commented on, tips from the last 12 months. Don’t forget to check out number 6 before you’re off on your Christmas break!

  1. Add holidays to your calendar (Microsoft Outlook) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_471.php
  2. 10 tips for safe online banking – http://roem.co.uk/tip_473.php
  3. Make text look like it was marked with a highlighter pen (Word and Outlook) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_475.php
  4. Stop AutoCorrect from capitalizing text following specific abbreviations (Microsoft Office) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_476.php
  5. Create, store and insert frequently used text and graphics (Microsoft Word and Outlook) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_486.php
  6. Five tips to prevent email overload upon your return from holiday (Microsoft Outlook) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_489.php
  7. How to remove limitations of what is displayed in a cell (Microsoft Excel) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_491.php
  8. Set the default colour of a hyperlink (Microsoft Outlook) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_492.php
  9. Automatically move low-priority emails from your inbox (Microsoft Outlook) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_496.php
  10. Change the emphasis of a SmartArt graphic by changing its direction (Microsoft Office) – http://roem.co.uk/tip_501.php

Wishing you a relaxing holiday season. Escape isn’t just a button on your keyboard!

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