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Tame your computer – Best of 2017: top 10 tips

17 Dec

Hello for the last time in 2017.

Here are your favourite, most commented on, tips from the past 12 months to get you inspired for the year ahead. I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Schedule your e-mail message to be sent at your preferred date and time (Microsoft Outlook)
  2. Fast way to start a bulleted or numbered list (Microsoft Word and Outlook)
  3. Reopen recently closed tabs (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox)
  4. Find the best time to schedule a meeting (Microsoft Outlook)
  5. Show changes and comments inline instead of in balloons (Microsoft Word)
  6. Change the colour of public holidays in your calendar (Microsoft Outlook)
  7. Protecting your formulas (Microsoft Excel)
  8. Quick way to paste content of the clipboard into an email message (Microsoft Outlook)
  9. Create a bulleted list in your workbook (Microsoft Excel)
  10. Find email messages sent or received between certain dates (Microsoft Outlook)

Oh, and don’t forget to check out this handy tip before you go off on your holidays; it contains five ways to prevent email overload upon your return from a break.

Wishing you a relaxing holiday season. Remember: Escape isn’t just a button on your keyboard!

Tame your computer – simplify your search

12 Dec

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tip about how to find email messages sent or received between certain dates. What I wrote still stands but now I’ve found a much easier way. (Thanks for the inspiration, Jackie!)

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Outlook folder you want to search (If you don’t know where you have stored the message, you can skip this step and use step 4.)
  2. Click in the Instant Search box in the top right hand corner or press CTRL + E
  3. Type received: <start date> .. <end date>
  4. If necessary, click on Try searching again in All mail Items at the bottom of the search results to search all other Outlook folders

For example, received:01/07 .. 31/07 will find any email messages that you sent or received in July this year. (No need to specify the current year.) Or received:01/01/2015 .. 01/05/2015 will find emails you sent or received between January and May 2015.

I obviously hope you have a good reason for hanging on to stuff from 2015, especially because various survey statistics show that we waste too much time searching for documents and email messages. To be precise, according to a McKinsey report people spend on average about nine hours per week searching and gathering information! So only keep what you need – and know how to find it.

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