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Tame your computer – fantastic fillings

28 Jan

CleverclogsTipTime2The other day I was prepping for my next Excel Introduction course (yep, even after all these years I still prepare for every single course) and realised I had totally forgotten this great time-saving tip to fill a range of cells with the same entry. You can obviously use AutoFill or copy cells, but check it out and you’ll see that you can save quite a few clicks!

Here’s how:

1.       Select the range of cells you want to fill with the same entry.

2.       Type the text, number or formula that you want to repeat.

3.       Press CTRL + ENTER.

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be a contiguous range, so you can quickly stick data in cells that are not adjacent to each other. To do this, hold down CTRL while selecting each individual cell or range of cells.

By the way, I’ve added this latest shortcut to the ever-growing archive. Press CTRL + F to find text or other content in the document.

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Tame your computer – totes simple tables

20 Jan

CleverclogsTipTime2Excel Tables can be used to store and organise your data, any way you wish. You can use its powerful tools to retrieve information and view and summarise it in numerous ways. For example, did you know you can quickly total data in the table by turning the optional total row on?


Here’s how:

  1. If necessary, format your data as a table. (CTRL + T springs to mind)
  2. Put your cursor anywhere in the table.
  3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + T.

The total row is added at the end of the table. Simply use the drop-down arrows at the bottom of each column and find the relevant function, such as Sum or Count.

And guess what … it’s a toggle, so if you press CTRL + SHIFT + T again, you switch the total row off.

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Tame your computer – shrewd shortcut

2 Jan

CleverclogsTipTime2Happy new year to you and happy birthday to us! As we come of age today, we’d like to thank our clients for the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, our associates for bringing their talent to our business and our all-important course participants who selected us to help make the most of their software packages. We wouldn’t be having our 18th birthday if it wasn’t for you.

But back to work …

If, like me, you prefer to use your keyboard rather than your mouse, you know that you can use shortcuts and KeyTips to quickly execute commands. “Right-mouse clickers” might like the keyboard shortcut that opens the right-click drop-down menu.

Here’s how:

  1. Position the mouse pointer in the location you want to display a drop-down menu for.
  2. Press SHIFT + F10.
  3. Use the down arrow key or type the underscored letter to select the menu option.
  4. If the option has a submenu you can use your right arrow key to select it.

If you prefer, you can use the special (Context) key on your keyboard, between the right ALT and right CTRL keys. Or simply stick to right-clicking!

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That’s it for this week. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2019!